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Remembering the 1949 Excelsior JAP Speedway

1949 Excelsior JAP Speedway

The grime observe or speedway that used to be used for motorcycle racing in Britain started within the overdue Nineteen Twenties. This induced many motorbikes producers who existed then to leap at the bandwagon and design motorcycles that they regarded as may just win races. Sooner than introducing the Excelsior JAP speedway sequence out there, Douglas and Rudge have been the talks of town for a very long time in Britain. Excelsior’s first Speedway JAP that got here from their pipeline used to be launched in 1930 and started to take over from Douglas and Rudge. That length of dominance that began in 1930 used to be extended till the Sixties. It used to be a length of natural amusing and pleasure that the fanatics can have in mind up to now. This text is a remembrance of the 1949 Excelsior JAP Speedway that used to be a part of that amusing advent.


The 1949 Excelsior JAP Speedway used to be launched after the primary fashions of the Excelsior era to the marketplace in 1949. In keeping with FichasMotor, this velocity motorcycle encompasses fashions that experience other displacements from a bike era that has lasted over 73 years. The JAP engine used to be a proprietary engine made to be had for all producers who wanted an engine for his or her motorcycles. Specialist body builders may just design their motorcycles after which repair the JAP engine. Excelsior used to be organising his corporate and all through that point used to be a JAP buyer. He retained his speedway fashion even after the realization of WW2. This master-class motorcycle that took dominance in speedways festival used to be taken to Wembley Stadium when Australia used to be taking part in with England in a take a look at fit in 1949, the yr it used to be launched out there. It got here with a whole program, metal footwear, and a helmet. The primary fashions to be launched have been bought for $2,924. In keeping with Bikez, this Excelsior piece of artwork is described by means of distributors internationally as a ‘100% proper high quality recovery fashion which has a 1949 4 stud JAP engine. For antique motorcycle enthusiasts who love to assemble each details about all these motorcycle, this motorcycle used to be featured within the Vintage Motorbike Mag in 1989 of their February version. It used to be owned by means of Alford of Southampton, who had a number of speedway motorcycles collections. There are a couple of manufacturers that individuals personal around the globe. If you happen to in finding an unique motorcycle anyplace that hasn’t been restored, it is going to have an unique rear rim of twenty-two inches. Recovery has been carried out for this motorcycle to mend the broken portions when the motorcycle took section in races. The spaces that break maximum are the body, forks, and engine portions. This motorcycle is without doubt one of the first light-weight motorbikes utilized in motor races, and includes a brief 4 JAP stud.

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Engine and Transmission

The 1949 Excelsior Speedway has an engine displacement of 497.00 CCs, which means it does now not eat numerous gas. This motorcycle operates with a single-cylinder engine sort with 2-stroke. The motorcycle makes use of best two strokes to perform and achieve the utmost velocity prohibit. The motorcycle will make a whole energy cycle when the two-piston moves. They paintings in this kind of method that: The consumption within the engine and compression processes will whole when the primary stroke of the piston is whole. The second one stroke on the piston is helping to finish the exhaust and tool procedure. When the 1949 Excelsior JAP Speedway is ignited and starts to transport, the thermal potency of the stroke engine of this motorcycle is determined by the motorcycle design. When the 2 strokes proceed to make whole motorcycle cycles, the engine of the motorcycle will convert 20% of the gas within the spokes into mechanical energy. About 15% of the to be had power is what the motorcycles will use to propel the 2 wheels. The rest 5% of power is misplaced in more than a few movements equivalent to resisting friction when the motorcycle is dashing. Those two-stroke engines paintings highest with this motorcycle as a result of it’s gentle.

Engine consumption

This speedway motorcycle makes use of an Amal dual drift carburetor consumption gadget, which fits by means of atomizing the desired quantity of gas with air that the motorcycle attracts within the engine portions. When the engine is engaged, it is going to open the idle throttle from its place. When the throttle is open, it will increase the air consumption within the blending chambers. In consequence, the needle valve will get started opening up. When this occurs, it is going to build up gas intake proportionally. If you happen to don’t understand how to track the “Amal dual carbs,” you wish to have to regulate the tick above the idle. That is simply it on a fairly speedy idle, and it is going to assist you to know when to forestall stalling the engine and make certain that you utilize the quick idle and now not in a sooner method.

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Gasoline keep an eye on

The Excelsior JAP speedway 1949 makes use of an overhead valve gas keep an eye on gadget. Those valves paintings highest in engines that experience valves positioned within the cylinder head this is discovered above the combustion chamber. It’s other from the motorcycle with flathead engines. The camshaft is helping in gas keep an eye on on this gadget by means of transferring the valves during the tappet, rocker hands, and pushrods to make certain that the air-fuel combine within the engine of this motorcycle is correctly blended and unfold throughout frivolously to the combustion chambers.

Chassis, Suspension, and Wheels

The entrance and rear brakes used are the increasing forms of brake drums. This kind of ruin will enlarge when the motorcycle rider applies the brakes for a very long time till it starts to generate warmth. This occurs when braking is difficult, particularly in emergency circumstances to keep away from high-speed injuries. The brake footwear want to be moved farther outward once they enlarge to serve as neatly.


This motorcycle comes with a unmarried seat. Due to this fact, it isn’t for sporting passengers as it’s principally used for festival functions.

Wrap Up

The 1949 Excelsior JAP Speedway is a factory-produced rear motorcycle. The reminiscence created again within the 50s will at all times be remembered for its section in motorcycle competitions and bringing happiness and reminiscence to tens of millions of motorcycle festival fanatics. The rest fashions are preserved in more than a few puts as memorabilia by means of antique lovers.

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