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Remembering the 1951 AJS Type 20 500

1951 AJS Model 20 500

The AJS Type 20 was once a British bike made via Affiliate Bikes between 1948 and 1958. Till 1949, the fashion was once basically exported to the USA. Alternatively, from 1949 onwards, the AJS fashion was once bought to the British. The 1949 fashion had megaphone silencers, a twin seat, and an engine enclosed in a pivoted fork body with telescopic entrance forks. When the corporate presented the 1951 AJS Type 20 500 bikes, they integrated a horn-push at the handlebar, the Jampot unit for its rear suspension, and a medallion badge. To additional perceive this antique bike, listed below are 5 options that made it distinctive in that technology.


The bike makes use of a magneto ignition gadget to generate power. A magneto is a generator that produces electrical energy to energy the bike. The magneto produces a voltage when the engine rotates it. To supply extra voltage, the rotation must be top. As an alternative of a separate coil, the magneto has each number one and secondary windings that assist in boosting the voltage. The benefit of the magneto ignition gadget is that you don’t want to fee it because it has no battery. A magneto most often generates top voltage energy immediately. That suggests probably the most unused power will likely be saved. Additionally, without a battery, restore and upkeep prices was reasonable. Batteries continuously malfunction, because of this maximum of your cash will likely be spent on them.


This bike makes use of a rainy multi-plate grab. A multi-plate grab accommodates a chain of grab plates, not like a unmarried plate grab with one grab. Extra clutches imply extra friction surfaces. Friction surfaces are the most important for torque. Multi-plate clutches, subsequently, have upper torque than unmarried plate clutches. With top torque, the motorcyclist can temporarily overtake every other car. When overtaking every other car, you want extra energy to take off. If you happen to took off with low energy because of inadequate torque, you might be more likely to collide with every other car within the different lane. Its top torque additionally allows the motorcyclist to swerve temporarily to steer clear of any oncoming threat. As an example, in case you are about to hit a tree, you want sufficient energy to show away to steer clear of it. In one plate grab gadget, you might most probably flip too gradual and collide with the tree. Additionally, a rainy multi-plate grab gadget decreases the trouble the rider must press the grab pedal. With extra clutches, the bike develops top energy. In consequence, you are going to no longer have to make use of a large number of your power to step more difficult at the grab.

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Motorbike Kind

The motorcycle is an all-round one. All-round bikes usually emphasize efficiency than convenience. The motorcycle has just right braking, tough acceleration, top velocity, and will transfer round rocky terrains. In comparison to maximum bikes, this bike is normally lighter. It is because the producers use aluminum and different mild fabrics to reach the light-weight. With a gentle bike, you’ll take off at top velocity, swerve temporarily and transfer up a hill. If the bike have been heavy, you might fight to transport quicker with it since you would have to practice extra effort to get it to transport. Additionally, the bike has slender and tough seats. Its seat association lets you leisure your toes on the rear as you journey. To journey this bike, you need to lean ahead to scale back aerodynamic drag. Aerodynamic drag will suck you from your motorbike for those who lean backward.


The bike has spoked wheels. Even with the evolution of different bike portions from the Forties, spoked wheels stay in style nowadays. Producers choose spoked wheels as a result of they use metal which is inexpensive than maximum metals. Riders additionally like spoke wheels however for various causes. The bike’s spoked wheels make it preferrred for tough terrains. As an example, while you journey alongside rocky paths, there’s a probability your wheels may just hit rocks. Thankfully, the rocks is not going to injury the rods within the wheels. As an alternative, the rods will bend and flex to a definite stage to deal with the pressure of the rocks. This implies the rods is not going to snap or come off. Despite the fact that the rods in some way got here out, the price of repairing them is low. As an example, you are going to handiest exchange the affected rods fairly than all the wheel. If one rod is broken, you are going to purchase one rod.

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Cooling Gadget

This bike makes use of an air-cooled engine. The bike has fins at the outdoor to lure air to chill the engine. The fins have a big floor house which permits air to move over them. As cool air passes over them, additionally they draw warmth clear of the engine. Typically, air-cooled engines don’t require a radiator, coolant and cooling jackets. Those 3 parts would another way make this bike heavy, and it might no longer be preferrred for tough terrains. Every other good thing about the absence of the portions is that the upkeep and service prices are reasonable. As an example, you are going to no longer wish to talk over with a storage to switch a radiator, as you might with a liquid-cooled engine. Because it does no longer require a coolant, you don’t run the chance of a leaky coolant. The engine might not be completely cooled with a leaked coolant since a few of it’ll be wasted. Every other threat is that coolant can freeze within the engine. With the freezing happening, the engine will wish to generate a large number of energy to run the engine. Now and again, the engine could also be not able to run, and it’ll smash down.


Even though the 1951 AJS Type 20 500 motorbike is now not in style, it did alternate how producers made their motorbikes. As an example, the spoked wheels proceed to be in style nowadays. Despite the fact that they serve advisable makes use of, some riders appreciate the spoked wheels for his or her design. The spoked wheels practice a definite geographical trend, which most of the people in finding visually interesting. Additionally, the makers of this bike popularized using all-round bikes. Earlier than the Forties, producers would handiest manufacture motorbikes for particular terrains. This kind of transfer was once inconvenient because it intended {that a} motorcyclist must acquire bikes for various terrains. Thankfully, with this motorcycle, bikers may just after all commute any place.

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